Vienna, October 05-07, 2005
Jugendstiltheater, Otto-Wagner-Spital

Preliminary Program –

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Block 1: Introduction and problem awareness
Mod.: Ludwig Kaspar, MD

13:45 Opening address and outline of congress goals
Johann Kurz, PhD

Scientific Program

14:00 Keynote address:
From transfusion to blood management – will the paradigm shift?
James Isbister, MD

14:30 Q & A

15:00 Coffee break



Block 2: Analysis and strategy for optimization of utilization of blood and blood components–
Results of an Austrian study
Mod.: Wolfgang Gerold, PhD

15:20 Variability of blood loss and utilization of blood components in selected surgical interventions – study results in Austria
Peter Rehak, PhD

15:40 Benchmarking: Outcome paramete rs in dependence of blood loss and blood utilization in Austrian hospitals
Hans Gombotz, MD

16:00 Sustainable strategy for optimization of utilization of blood and blood components in Austria
Paul Höcker, MD

16:20 Economical evaluation of strategies to optimize utilization of blood and blood componentes
Axel Hofmann, ME

16:40 Q & A

17:00 Visit of the "Otto-Wagner-Church", the only pure Art nouveau church in Europe

18:30 Departure to official welcome reception in Vienna city hall



Thursday, October 06, 2005

Block 3: Status Quo, goals and pe rs pectives in blood conservation / blood management in the European Union
Mod.: Johann Kurz, PhD

08:30 Blood management in Czech Republic
Petr Turek, MD

08:50 Q & A

09:00 Blood management in Coratia
Ivo Radmann, MD

09:20 Q & A

09:30 Blood management in Germany
Friedger von Auer

10:00 Q & A

0:10 Coffee break

Block 4: Transfusion: Risk and outcome
Mod.: Paul Höcker, MD

10:30 Emerging risks of blood transfusion
Aryeh Shander, MD

10:50 Q & A

11:00 Blood, storage lesion and adverse clinical effects
James Isbister, MD

11:20 Q & A

11:30 Indications, outcome and cost of leucodepletion
Leo van de Watering, MD

11:50 Q & A

12:00 Transfusion associated with improved outcome –
where is the evidence?
Donat Spahn, MD

12:20 Q & A

12:30 Lunch & Learn Symposium
Presenting from ZLB Behring Austria :

Blood conservation in a trauma centre
OA Dr. Schöchl, UKH Salzburg



Block 5: Identification of blood conservation potentials – Part 1 Mod.: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Donat Spahn, MD

13:30 Three pilla rs in blood conservation: Exhaustion of physiological tolerance of anaemia, optimization of erythrocyte mass and anaesthesiological measures to minimize blood loss.
Hans Gombotz, MD

13:50 Minimizing blood loss in surgery – Concepts and techniques
Richard Spence, MD

14:10 Minimizing blood loss through perioperative optimization of hemostasis
Mario von Depka, MD

14:30 Q & A

15:00 Coffee break

15:20 Parallel workshops 1-6/ 1. cycle
(Workshop rooms within walking distance)

1. Establishment and operation of a blood management centre
Hans Gombotz, MD; Aryeh Shander, MD

2. Implementation of a blood management program from the view of a surgeon – what needs to be considered?
Jochen Erhard, MD; Richard Spence, MD

3. Tolerance of anaemia – the physiology behind it
James Isbister, MD

4. Point-of-care diagnostics of hemostasis incl. demonstration of medical / technical devices
Petra Innerhofer, MD

5. Blood management in gastrointestinal surgery
Tomáš Skricka, MD

6. Preoperative Anamnesis of hemostasis incl. the effects of herbal drugs.
Georg Pfanner, MD

16:20 Parallel workshops 1-6/2nd cycle

17:20 Presentation of workshop results / Interactive panel discussions
(Main Auditorium)



Friday, October 07, 2005

Block 6: Identification of blood conservation potentials – Part 2
Peter Perger, MD

08:30 Visceral surgery without transfusions
(liver transplantation and resection)
Jochen Erhard, MD

08:50 Q & A

09:00 Blood management in trauma
PD Philip Stahel, MD

09:20 Q & A

09:30 Blood conservation techniques in neonatology
Otwin Linderkamp, MD

09:50 Q & A

10:00 EPO und iron therapy in obstetrics
Christian Breymann, MD

10:20 Q & A

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Managing anaemia in critical care without allogeneic
Aryeh Shander, MD

11:20 Q & A

Block 7: New horizons in blood management
Mod.: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Paul Höcker

11:30 Stem cell transplantation without the use of blood products
Patricia Ford, MD

11:50 Q & A

12:00 Artificial oxygen carrie rs – better than allogeneic blood?
Donat Spahn, MD

12:20 Q & A

12:30 Lunch break




13:30 Parallel workshops 7-12/ 1. cycle
(Workshop rooms with walking distance)

7. Blood management in vascular surgery
N. N.

8. Oncology, haematology, sickle cell disease
Patricia Ford, MD

9. Blood management in pregnancy, during delivery
and in the postpartum period
Aleš Roztocil, MD

10. Point-of-care diagnosis of hemostasis in the emergency unit
Nikolaus Hofmann, MD

 11. Relevance of laboratory monitoring of anticoagulance
M. Halbmayer, MD

  12. Reversing anticoagulance
Sibylle Kozek, MD

15:30 Presentation of workshop results / Interactive panel discussions
(Main auditorium)

16:10 Summary of the congress and prospects of the
consecutive symposia
Johann Kurz, PhD

16:20 Issuance of credit points (educational certificates)

End of congress


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